Welcome!  We are a team of skaters from The New Rink in Shelby Twp ranging from ages 8-17.  We focus on creating a team that supports each other and creates a positive environment for juniors to come learn and play an amazing sport.

What is Roller Derby?

We play on a flat track and go by JRDA Rules.  Roller derby is a contact sport

  Roller derby is a contact sport

There are different levels in the JR. Derby league due to the age range.


Benefits of Roller Derby

At Eastside, we promote a teamwork mentality as well as family.  We are family here and support our fellow teammates.  Through joining the team, you get to become part of our crazy, fun, and uplifting family.

The physical benefits of roller derby are endless.  Skating is a terrific activity that makes us stronger, faster, more stable, and well, it’s a blast!  Though we want everyone to come compete with us, feel free to just come skate and get the benefits of derby but you will fall in love.

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